‘The Electro Wars’ Tells The Past And Present Of Dance Music

By Andrew MacLean

After a triumphant year of mainstream success, French producer David Guetta exclaimed to MTV News, “Dance music is the next thing for the next 10 years. There’s nothing you can do about it.” This sentiment rings true when you consider the success of crossover and mainstream artists like Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas and LMFAO. And while many are already familiar with the body-moving genre, the mass population has only just gotten their first taste of dance music. In the effort to educate and preach to the unaware masses, filmmaker Stephen Alex Vasquez has set out to show the world the extensive livelihood of dance music in his documentary “The Electro Wars.”

Vasquez’s new film crosses borders and covers numerous genres of music. He brings his audience into the worlds of hip-hop, reggaeton and Latin dance to explain their influence and relationship with the modern dance music movement. There are testimonials from artists like Pit Bull, Laid Back Luke, Lil Jon and DJ Premier. He further explores the growing sects of dance music, like the aptly-named “Blog-House” and a the often recycled term “Electro.”

MTV News sat down with Stephen at this year’s Winter Music Conference to talk about dance music’s long overdue acceptance. “I’m very happy that it’s happening,” he said. “A lot of people outside the genre are taking notice of it.”

The film is not only aimed for dance music’s ever-growing fan base. Rather, it’s a manual for any new member of the electronic music community. Like in any form of dance music, “The Electro Wars” has something for everyone to identify with. You can watch trailers for the film and stay up to date on its release at the film’s official Web site and at MTV News.