‘American Idol’ Reject Andrew Garcia’s Rad Bromance With Lee DeWyze

“American Idol” has had its fair share of bromances over the years: Kris and Adam, David Cook and Michael Johns, Jason Castro and Bob Marley, Bo Bice and his hair’s flat iron. We can add season nine’s Lee DeWyze and Andrew Garcia to that impressive list.

Fans worried that the bromance will cool off now that Garcia is off the show (Andrew was cut alongside Connecticut’s Katie Stevens last week) should breathe easy. When Garcia and Stevens stopped by to chat with MTV News, it was clear that LeeAndrew is here to stay.

“If there was a contest, it would beat all bromances known to man,” Stevens declared. But Garcia objects to the B word. “Lee’s my family. It’s not a bromance. He’s really my brother,” he said before adding, “I miss him just talking about him. Can we please just move on to the next subject?” Garcia jokingly whimpered.

I got to the bottom of all the DeWyze/Garcia buddy stories, from what their “Danny Gokey baby” lovechild would actually look like to their “silly” theme song to their non-stop texting. (As you can see, Katie Stevens is downright giddy discussing their friendship.)

So check out our chat below and let us know which “Idol” bromance you think reigns supreme! And for more “Idol” talk, follow me on Twitter @jambajim!