Time For A ‘Kick-Ass’ Soundtrack With Foo Fighters, Kid Rock, Heavy D And Weezer

The summer movie season won’t really get underway until “Iron Man 2” opens on May 7, but the opening of “Kick-Ass” today will provide a fantastically fun and violent amuse-bouche. The film is based on a comic book created by Mark Millar (who has been doing fantastic work this week as the guest editor of MTV’s Splash Page) and stars Aaron Johnson as a kid who asks the question that many of the world’s comic book readers have wondered: Why aren’t there actual superheroes? He takes it one step further, donning a suit, calling himself Kick-Ass and teaming up with a handful of other vigilantes (like Chloe Moretz’s Hit Girl and Nicolas Cage’s Big Daddy). It’s a fantastically fun, colorful and violent adventure that should become an instant cult classic.

Since a movie about kicking ass requires a phenomenal soundtrack, we’ve put together a video playlist to pay tribute to “Kick-Ass” and get you prepared for the flick. There are several homages to heroes (Foo Fighters’ “My Hero,” Dragonforce’s “Heroes of Our Time,” Sum 41’s “Underclass Hero”), as well as the Rolling Stones’ “Street Fighting Man” (because it’s about fighting, and it’s awesome). There are also a few tunes that could act as theme songs for Hit Girl (Bomshel’s “Fight Like a Girl,” Lil Jon’s “Girlfight”) and Big Daddy (Weezer’s “I’m Your Daddy,” Heavy D’s “Big Daddy”).

But we open with a tribute to Kick-Ass himself. Any guy who puts on a suit to fight crime without any actual superpowers has earned a reputation as a badass, which is why Kid Rock’s “American Bad Ass” is the most ideal way to open the proceedings.


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