File Your Taxes With 50 Cent, Dire Straits And Gym Class Heroes

Today is Thursday, April 15, and you know what that means. In addition to celebrating Seth Rogen’s birthday and commemorating Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in baseball, you also have to have your taxes filed by today. The Internal Revenue Service — the government organization in charge of collecting taxes and enforcing tax laws — is expected to collect over 170 million tax returns this year and bring in over two trillion dollars in tax revenue. Even considering that giant chunk of change, they still figure they will collect hundreds of billions of dollars less than they are actually owed because of fraud, loopholes or simple failure to pay.

So as you fill out the last of your forms (or more likely put the finishing touches on your e-file, which a full two-thirds of the country does now), you should crank up the video playlist below. It covers all the bases, from anthems about cold hard cash (Birdman’s “Money to Blow,” 50 Cent’s “I Get Money”) to laments about the government (Brother Ali’s “Uncle Sam Damn”) to celebrations about refund money (D. Willz’ “Cashed My Check”). For those of you filling out forms by hand, there’s Gym Class Heroes’ “Papercuts,” and for anybody who feels a bit like they are the government’s personal ATM, there’s Hard-Fi’s “Cash Machine.” There are even a few entries from artists who have had trouble with tax collectors in the past, like Method Man, Willie Nelson, the Rolling Stones and Dire Straits. And once you’ve done your taxes go ahead and take a “Vacation” (with Jeezy, of course).

But we begin the proceedings with Erase Errata’s “Tax Dollar,” a noisy little shuffle about wondering just where your money is going once it ends up in Uncle Sam’s wallet.