The Stanley Cup Visits The MTV Newsroom

We get a lot of special guests in the MTV Newsroom, from all-star rappers to big name film directors to chart-topping pop stars to hot young actresses. But today’s special guest is over 100 years old and has been known to make grown men collapse and weep. One of the most beloved icons in all of professional sports, this special guest is about to go on a whirlwind tour of North America, and no matter what, it will still be standing once the final buzzer sounds in the last game of the championship series.

Who was our special guest? The Stanley Cup, the top prize in the National Hockey League and the most coveted and recognizable trophy in the history of organized athletics. To commemorate the beginning of the NHL playoffs (which start tonight on Versus), Mike Bolt — the official “Keeper of the Cup” — brought Lord Stanley’s trophy to the Newsroom for a bit of history, a few great stories and the opportunity for plenty of Newsroom denizens (and hockey fans) to get their picture taken with the trophy.

It looks impressive on television, but up close, it’s pretty remarkable. Forged out of silver and nickel alloy, the Cup stands about three feet tall and weighs a hefty 35 pounds (way larger than, say, the MTV Musical March Madness trophy). It wears the mark of its 117 years on its sleeve, as there are numerous dents and dings all along the upper bowl (the oldest portion of the trophy). Bolt is one of four “Keepers” who stays with the Cup and ushers it around the world (the prize is on the road roughly 320 days a year, according to Bolt). The modern NHL tradition dictates that every player on the championship team gets to spend a day with the cup, and Bolt told us about a number of his favorite cup sightings (though it’s still not allowed to go to a strip club).

Stay tuned tomorrow for video of the conversation with Mike Bolt and more of the Stanley Cup, and be sure to check out all the NHL playoff action starting tonight.