Backstreet Boys Warn Lady Gaga To Watch Her Finances On ‘The Bonnie Hunt Show’

It seems like these days everyone is worried about Lady Gaga. Janet Jackson and Ryan Tedder have both warned Gaga that she may need to slow down a little before she burns herself out. And, when the MTV Newsroom’s favorite boy band Backstreet Boys stopped by “The Bonnie Hunt Show” on TWednesday (April 14) to hang out and have a little fun (which they did), they wanted to share some of their music industry wisdom with the superstar.

“I think we were actually in New Zealand where Lady Gaga was,” Brian Littrell recalled. “The reason I mention Lady Gaga because our production manager was talking to her production manager. I wanted to tell her when you over budget yourself [for a tour], you come home broke.”

Nick and the guys joked that the man in the group who is the money honey is Howie “Trump Jr.” Dorough. Nick added that the guys had to learn all on their own how to handle their finances. “We had to learn ourselves. Who needs a two million dollar video anymore?” he joked about the band’s high-tech “Larger Than Life” clip. “We learned along the way and the only people we could trust was ourselves. We can’t tell people out there what to do.”

With that more serious topic out of the way, the guys shared photos of their kids (Howie and Brian have babies — adorable ones!) and even shared what they do when they hit the road, joking that most of the time all that they can do is hang out with each other, even on days when that doesn’t seem like the best idea. Brian laughed, “We don’t always wake up on the right side of the bed.”

Lucky for us BSB fans that guys did perform their track, “Bigger,” off their album This Is Us. Was it amazing? Why yes. Yes it was.