Lil Wayne Thinks The Eagles Trading McNabb Was A Mistake: Wake-Up Video

“McNabb to the Skins … wow! I think this will be a great thing for all involved, except the Eagles. One reason is because I don’t think Andy Reid was ready to part ways with the soon-to-be 34-year-old veteran. He still had a year left on paper with the Eagles. And though I don’t think they would’ve given him an extension, for some reason I think Andy would’ve liked to see Donovan play it out. I don’t think he was the brains behind that move. I think this was above him.”

-Rapper, sports analyst and current Rikers Island inmate Lil Wayne, blogging about the recent NFL trade that sent six-time All-Pro quarterback Donovan McNabb from his longtime home in Philadelphia to the Washington Redskins. McNabb had spent The former ESPN contributor and “Sportscenter” rapper updated his new blog with his thoughts on some recent sports stories, including the upcoming NFL draft and the recently-completed NCAA basketball tournament. “Congrats to Duke & Coach K, as well as UCONN women and gents,” he wrote. “I think both of those guys need new day jobs. More complicated ones. NBA, WNBA!”

And in case you were wondering who Weezy thought would go at the top of the upcoming NFL draft (which begins this Thursday, April 15), he’s got that covered too. “My Top 5 NFL Draft Picks are: 1. Ndamukong Suh / Jimmy Clausen. 2. Gerald McCoy. 3. Eric Berry. 4. Dez Bryant. 5. Russell Okung,” he wrote. Apparently, Weezy doesn’t have much faith in Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford’s problematic shoulder, as he has been projected as the top pick in several mock drafts.

What do you think of Lil Wayne’s predictions? What do you think of Donovan McNabb’s move to the Washington Redskins? Let us know int he comments!

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