Coheed And Cambria Collect Their Musical March Madness Trophy

Last week, the Blue Devils of Duke University won the NCAA basketball tournament. Though they were a top-seeded team, nobody gave them much of a chance to win when the brackets were first announced (most everybody had Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse or West Virginia running the table). There was another champion crowned last week that was even more unlikely: Coheed and Cambria, who won the MTV Musical March Madness tournament in grand fashion, defeating My Chemical Romance in the finals after trouncing all over heavy hitters like Paramore, Tokio Hotel and Phish.

Earlier today (April 13), the men of Coheed and Cambria stopped by the MTV Newsroom to collect their trophy (and also to talk about their new album Year of the Black Rainbow, which just hit stores today). The guys were genuinely excited to receive the trophy, which was handed over by MTV News' own James Montgomery.

The band sent a special shout-out to their fans — especially those at Coheed and Cambria fan site Cobalt and Calcium.

"I've always felt that our fans are really unique in their level of devotion to this band; that's why we're still able to be doing what we're doing," bassist Michael Todd said while clutching the cup. "I gotta say, I'm genuinely surprised this happened. It was a really nice surprise. Absolutely couldn't believe it. So this is absolutely due to the fans' perseverance."

"The trophy certainly reflects the devotion of the fanbase. Just how much they want to see us succeed, and it's really important to us," frontman Claudio Sanchez added. "We'll probably give it to [someone at Coheed fan site], or maybe bring it on tour so everybody can take a picture with it. It really reflects [the fans'] devotion, and it's their trophy."

So a final congratulations to Coheed and Cambria, who rose up from a 15 seed to defeat some heavy-hitting bands and make a run to the championship. When you combine their victory with the release of their latest album, the boys are having a pretty good week. Watch the unveiling of the cup below, and stay tuned to MTV Newsroom for more Coheed and Cambria updates!


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