Conan O’Brien’s Live Show: The First Four Minutes!

On Monday night (April 12), Conan O’Brien kicked off his Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour at the Hult Center for the Performing Arts in Eugene, Oregon. The evening featured a lot of music (including a guest spot from indie rockers Spoon and a lot of guitar playing care of O’Brien himself), special guests (Andy Richter and “30 Rock” star Jack McBrayer were both on hand), lots of video (Triumph the Insult Comic Dog showed up in a pre-taped segment, as did a “network executive” played by O’Brien) and, most importantly, plenty of O’Brien’s signature comedy, which was equal parts dry, surreal, biting and warming — basically, everything Conan has become known for over his comedy career.

Following an opening set by comedian Reggie Watts, O’Brien kicked off his show the way he has started every television show he has done for the past 17 years: He performed a monologue. He riffed on the announcement of his new show, the sleepiness of Eugene and the fact that lawyers were probably watching them at every moment. Check out the first four minutes of the show below, which contains one of the best lines of the night. Bonus points if you can name the song playing at the beginning of the clip!


(It was Ben Fold Five’s “Army,” by the way. Pat yourself on the back if you got it!)

Though O’Brien joked about it, he clearly was overwhelmed by the show of applause and support he received from Monday night’s crowd. He’ll get plenty more of that on the rest of his tour stops, starting tonight (April 13) in Vancouver and continuing on to spots all across North America (including a two-day stint at the Bonnaroo festival in Manchester, Tennessee). He wraps up the tour on June 14 in Atlanta (the birthplace of TBS, the home for his new TV show).

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