MTV’s Musical March Madness: The Trophy Arrives!

We’re still tallying the votes on the final showdown in MTV News’ Musical March Madness tournament, with both My Chemical Romance and Coheed and Cambria putting up big numbers and huge surges on their way to the finish line.

When we first started this little game, we figured that winning would be its own reward. After all, what band wouldn’t want to stand alone atop the rock mountain having left 64 other top contenders in their wake? But then we thought that the work and commitment that many bands put in deserved some kind of recognition, which is why we commissioned the official MTV Musical March Madness Cup, which will be awarded to the winner. The trophies were delivered this morning (care of Crown Trophy in Manhattan), and they are a thing of beauty. Look at how the cup rises majestically above the MTV Newsroom.

There are two of these. We’ll give one to the tournament-winning band (because, let’s face it, they earned it) and we’ll keep one here in the MTV Newsroom (so that other bands can look upon it and aspire to winning it next year).

The inscription reads “MTV Musical March Madness 2010 Champion.” Even when a band sells a million albums or wins a Grammy, they still don’t call them the “champion” of anything. “Champion” is a rare title reserved for Wold Series winners, Olympic gold medalists and holders of WWE title belts. But who will stand as the champion of the Musical March Madness tournament? Will it be My Chemical Romance or Coheed and Cambria? The numbers will be ready shortly, and the announcement is imminent.