Dance Week Breakout Artist: Riva Starr

By Adam Stewart

Every so often, an artist comes along who turns some heads in the dance music community for having a sound that is atypical without being outlandish — one that is made for not only a night club but beach party as well. For up-and-coming DJ and producer Riva Starr, the fresh sound he showcased at last month’s Winter Music Conference has put him on the map for exactly those reasons.


“I just released my album If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade, so there are plenty of things coming,” Starr told MTV News about his latest projects. “The first single is ’I Was Drunk.’ It’s number one in Italy.” But Europe isn’t the only place where the song is hitting the clubs hard, as the single has mad a big move into the playlists of many DJs stateside.

“It’s crazy. It’s quite crossover-ish, that’s why it’s working well,” he explained. “And then we’ve done a few remixes, so it’s hopefully widened the appeal of the track to a wider audience.”

That wider audience includes Usher, Estelle and Will.I.Am, all of whom have tapped him for remix work. And he’s only just getting warmed up. “I’ve got some wild tunes to drop, I’ve got plenty of new stuff, because I’m launching my new label Snatch,” he said. His label’s first proper release comes care of David Keno. “It’s a sample of Dianna Ross’ ’Upside Down.’ It’s really picking up at the moment.”

Check out more of Riva’s fresh beats on the Beatport Player below and be sure to keep checking MTV News for more dance week action!

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