MTV News’ Musical March Madness: My Chemical Romance Vs. Muse

It’s Musical March Madness! The sprawling bracket — both a parody and a tribute to the NCAA basketball tournament, masterminded by MTV News’ James Montgomery — takes the 65 biggest names in rock, splits them up into four regions, assigns them seeds and puts them up against one another in a single-elimination series of match-ups in a winner-take-all contest. We’re leaving it to you to decide an actual champ in this field of 65. Over the next few weeks, we will present a series of polls that will allow you to vote for the match-ups presented in MTV News’ Band Bracketology. You vote for the winners, we’ll keep advancing the seeds and, in the end, we’ll have some sort of champion. What will the winner receive? Little more than our esteem (as well as that of the fans) and some Internet bragging rights.

Welcome to the Final Four! It has been a long, intense set of battles, but our field of 65 is down to the quartet of regional winners. They’ll throw down this weekend in a pair of killer match-ups. Voting will be open until Sunday, April 4 at 10 p.m. Eastern, and there’s a new twist in this round: You won’t be able to see the percentages until voting actually closes (we’re letting some special surprise guests reveal the final match-up on Monday, April 5). Let’s get to the first match-up!

Midwest Regional Champion Muse vs. West Regional Champion My Chemical Romance
In their workmanlike fashion, Muse powered through their bracket and put away a crafty White Stripes squad with grit and execution. But the real story was in the Midwest, where My Chemical Romance ended up pasting Panic! at the Disco, creating the biggest voting discrepancy of the entire Elite Eight. Can they carry that momentum into the finals, or will Muse continue their epic roll?

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