Justin Bieber’s Twitter Fans’ Call to Arms: Unfollow Him For April Fools’ Day!

There seems to be a crazy campaign to get people to stop following constant Twitter trend Justin Bieber for one whole day on the social networking service. Bieber, who tweets frequently with his fans, currently has 1,648,222 people following his every move, thought and link.

But it seems that these fans are rallying to play a little prank on the 16-year-old star. Fans have been told that as soon as April Fools’ Day hits, they should officially unfollow the sweet-voiced Canadian. But there’s no need for Camp Bieber to panic, as they have also vowed to him you once April Fools’ Day is over.

Fans are already conversing about the rally. Marinajb13, wrote, “RT @Oxiia: RT !! Tomorrow everyone unfollow Justin Bieber tomorrow for the 1st April (= April Fools) gonna be fun! RT!!” Kierakennett gave out similar instructions to fans: “RT @WearBeliebers: Everyone we are all going to unfollow justin Bieber for April fools day and then refollow him the next day!!!! RT this!!”

JolieChaton laughed at the whole crazy idea, saying, “Ha! this girl tweeted to remind everybody to unfollow justin bieber for april fool’s day lmao. Then she said to refollow on the 2nd hahaha.”

Other fans, however, are already upset by the idea of having to go 24 hours without constant Bieber updates. JBeeINDONESIA said, “Whos joining the april fool plan to unfollow justin bieber and refollow him on april 2nd? uhm..its kinda hard for me, dont really know why.” JustForBiebers agreed, writing, “Omb I cant unfollow justin bieber! Its too hard for meee! Aaaaaaaa”

Baberton felt very differently about the whole trend. “The people who follow Justin Bieber on Twitter are all going to unfollow him tomorrow as an April Fools joke,” Baberton wrote. “Why did I need to know this?”

Will you unfollow Justin Bieber as part of the April Fools’ joke? Let us know in the comments!

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