MTV News’ Musical March Madness: Sweet 16 Voting Closes Tonight

There won’t be any new polls put out today, but the voting for the Sweet 16 round of MTV News’ Musical March Madness continues today. All polls will close at 10 p.m. on Tuesday night (March 30), at which point the Elite Eight will be set. Most of the Sweet 16 match-ups are still pretty tight, so even if you’re favorite band is behind in the standings, there’s plenty of time to stage a comeback with some well-organized clicking. Take a look at how we got here, and then give a gander at the current slate of games.

(6) Phish vs. (15) Coheed and Cambria
A heated head-to-head. Coheed and Cambria currently leads the race, but the Phish fans in the comments section keep declaring “P.A.W.: Phish Always Win.” Can they follow through on their promise?

(9) Adam Lambert vs. (13) Alice in Chains
The grunge veterans currently have a commanding lead over Lambert, though you can never count the Glamberts out of any competition involving their favorite “Idol” star.

(2) Muse vs. (14) AFI
AFI went on an early run, but the people who turned Muse into a stadium-filling international phenomenon have also put them ahead in the standings. But it’s still anybody’s game.

(4) The White Stripes vs. (9) Patrick Stump
Despite the fact that they don’t technically exist, the White Stripes ran out to a big lead over Stump (people are apparently really into that documentary where Jack White invades Canada). But Stump has come from behind before, so a little hustle can put him over the top.

(14) The Young Veins vs. (15) Panic! at the Disco
What was supposed to be a wire-to-wire thrillfest has been a bit of a letdown, as Panic! at the Disco are soundly defeating Ryan Ross’ new project. Can Young Veins supporters stage the comeback to end all comebacks?

(5) My Chemical Romance vs. (9) 30 Seconds to Mars
This is the tilt to end all tilts. Don’t be surprised if this one gets taken to overtime, as there have already been a handful of lead changes and the two are separated by only a few hundred votes. This is truly a war between two incredibly passionate fan bases, but will the Echelon prevail or can the MCRmy advance?

(4) Vampire Weekend vs. (16) Tokio Hotel
Though Vampire Weekend lead early and put up a good fight, they have been overwhelmed by Tokio Hotel’s massive legions of mobilizing Internet fans. Can the little indie band that could overcome another obstacle?

(3) Owl City vs. (7) MGMT
Owl City continue their run and have a decent lead on MGMT, but the recent release of MGMT’s new video and the anticipation over their new album could work in their favor.

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