R. Kelly’s ‘Echo’ Video: Green Screen And Yodeling

R. Kelly’s Twitter page is a delightful corner of the Internet. While Kells doesn’t reveal a whole lot about himself or share his opinions about much of anything, but lately the singer has made up for it with a stream of phenomenal videos. The clips included previews for his new music video and answers to fan questions, all leading up to the premiere of “Echo,” his latest clip.

Throughout his career, Kelly has become known for elaborate videos and incredible narratives. After all, this is the guy who brought the world epics like “Down Low” and “Trapped in the Closet.” But “Echo” — the latest single from his excellent 2009 album Untitled — is a minimalist gem, featuring little more than Kelly, a pair of sunglasses, some yodeling and a fantastic use of green screen.

“Echo” is a remarkable song, mostly because Kelly yodels in the middle of the chorus. In fact, he apparently got a lot of questions from fans about the yodeling, which is probably why Kelly posted a video explaining why he likes the practice so much. Again, it’s an amazing piece of video that features Kelly in all his Kelly-ness, simultaneously hilarious and serious, down-to-earth and utterly otherworldly.

But where does the minimalist “Echo” rank alongside other Kelly video projects? While “Echo” is wonderful in its simplicity, Kelly is usually better when he’s got size on his side. Classics like “Feelin’ on Yo Booty,” “I’m a Flirt” and “Rockstar” are all flashy and highly cinematic. But after the lengthy fiasco that was “Trapped in the Closet,” maybe this is Kelly’s move to digital DIY. Until anybody suggests otherwise, “Echo” is R. Kelly’s “Inland Empire.”

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