Justin Bieber Has A Fever For B.o.B.: MTV News’ #MusicMonday

Really, you should be listening to music every day, but thanks to Twitter, Monday has become the best day of the week to discover new songs, show some love to the tune currently dominating your iPod playlist and quietly judge the listening habits of your closest friends. Yes, it’s #MusicMonday, one of Twitter’s most enduring trending topics. Hence “MTV News’ #MusicMonday,” a weekly look at the songs your favorite stars are currently crushing on.

This week, teen sensation Justin Bieber shouts out rising rap star B.o.B.’s “Nothin’ on You.”

For a 16-year-old kid from a small town in Canada, Justin Bieber has developed quite a hip-hop pedigree for himself. He was signed to a record deal by Usher, moved to rap mecca Atlanta (home of the likes of Young Jeezy, Outkast, Gucci Mane and T.I.), shares a manager with Asher Roth (with whom he has supposedly spit a few bars) and has collaborated with Ludacris on his current smash single “Baby.” So it’s no wonder that when MTV News asked Bieber what he had been listening to lately, he went straight for the sound of the street.

“My favorite song right now is ’Nothin’ on You’ by B.o.B.,” Bieber told MTV News during a sit-down last week. “I like it because it’s fun, and it’s something that no one has really done before.”


Hopefully Bieber caught B.o.B.’s particular brand of innovation during the broadcast of MTV’s Spring Break 2010, which featured a live performance of “Nothin’ on You.” Regardless, if Bieber eventually makes the transition into hip-hop, he certainly has a great base underneath him.

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