Bizzy Bone Shares His Memories Of Mentor Eazy-E

On Friday, those who loved him as a person and had a affinity for his raw music celebrated the life and musical impact of one of the godfathers of gangster rap, Eric “Eazy-E” Wright. It has been 15 years since the N.W.A founder passed away, from complications of AIDS, and everyone from The Game and Plies to our own Sway Calloway and Eazy-E’s oldest son, Lil Eazy-E, shared memories and spoke of Wright’s impact.

It’s only right that as this celebration continues, we hear from one of Eazy’s artists. Bizzy Bone sent in a short message he dedicated to his mentor:

Without E, I wouldn’t be. He gave me life in the industry. Though they disregard, I still remember the sarge. The general of the fam, li’l man, the boss, also no mirage. We can clearly see. Eazy-E, Eric Wright, R.I.P. I thank you, E, for all you have done for me. Love you, big bruh.

Bizzy Bone

Do you have memories of Eazy-E to share? Which rappers do you feel owe a debt to him? Talk about it here!

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