WMC Anthem Alert: Dennis Ferrer’s ‘Hey Hey’

WMC has the ability to breathe new life into a tune that isn’t necessary hot off the presses. For Dennis Ferrer, a killer track the he produced back in November is all the rage here in Miami. We caught up with Ferrer this afternoon to discuss the track’s success and his whirlwind WMC tour.

“Hey Hey” is a dance floor filling sing along crowd pleaser that is being dropped by DJs all over South Beach. What’s the magic formula you ask?


“’Hey Hey’ was released in November actually, and I really didn’t expect it to do what it did, to tell you the truth,” Ferrer told MTV News. “It’s like a lottery ticket, but music is always a lottery ticket!”

The DJ Mag party at the Shelborne Pool kicked off Ferrer’s weekend and featured his partners in crime the Martinez Brothers. Together, they have been tearing up the New York club scene for the past four years, and more recently have been gaining momentum and attention within the global electronic music community.

One of the signatures of Ferrer’s DJ sets is the fact that he dances non-stop while spinning. “I make dance music, I don’t make sleepy music,” Ferrer said. “I make music to make you dance.”

What other bombs can we expect to hear Ferrer drop at WMC? He says he has a few up his sleeve. If they are anything near to what “Hey Hey” has become, then we’re all in for a slamming weekend.

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