WMC Anthem Alert: The Cube Guys' 'Scarcube'

By Adam Stewart

One of the most exciting parts of attending WMC is hearing that one track that echoes in all of the lasting memories of your festival experience. Over the course of the next few days, MTV News will be catching all the acts that are generating a lot of buzz and catching our ears at the same time. The one that jumped out right away? "Scarcube" by the Cube Boys.


"Scarcube" just might eclipse LMFAO's "I'm in Miami Trick" as the unofficial theme song of Miami and WMC. In fact, "Scarcube" could easily be the sinister b-side to "I'm in Miami Trick," and it samples one of the greatest movie characters (and southern Florida icons) of all time: Tony Montana of "Scarface" fame. When you sample Al Pacino in a killer house track, that might just be the perfect storm necessary for success at WMC 2010.

But said success takes a bit of work, and sometimes that means skipping sample clearance. "Al Pacino called us to say 'What? You used my voice? Why? Who are you!'" Cube member Luca Provera joked. "Maybe the clearance is too difficult to have it, but maybe if you know him personally, give him the promo and tell him to call us!"

We'll give it our best shot Luca, though we can't promise anything — except that we'll continue to crank up "Scarcube" while we float from party to party for the remainder of the Winter Music Conference!

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