Tim Urban Of 'American Idol' Will Keep His Shirt On: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"I was involved in a competition — it was for acting, modeling and singing. One of the competitions was a swimsuit competition. And, obviously, I entered a swimsuit competition and obviously there are photos from that. And they've definitely gotten out there. I will not be performing shirtless at any point in the competition. I'm sorry. I had to make this decision. It took a lot of time; it was tough but I've decided I can't do that."

-"American Idol" contestant Tim Urban, cheekily responding to the fact that he took shirtless modeling photos that have ended up online. Urban was a member of Actors, Talent and Models for Christ (AMTC), a talent-development agency that also counted "Idol" alum Diana DeGarmo as a past participant. The singer isn't sure whether or not the shots have helped him or hurt him, but he has taken the whole experience in stride. "I don't know what [the photos] did but I can't get it back, so it's out there," he told MTV News' Jim Cantiello at the "American Idol" Top 12 party a few weeks back.

After sneaking into the Top 12 at the eleventh hour, Urban has had a rough time on the show. He found himself in the bottom three last week and did not receive good marks for his performance of Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" on Tuesday night (March 23). Still, according to our "American Idol" experts, he'll be safe for at least another week.