‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Gets The Parody Biopic He Deserves

“Weird Al” Yankovic has had a remarkable career, crafting song parodies, working in the comedy world and selling millions of albums and downloads over nearly three decades. It’s about time he got a biopic — or at least a trailer for a fake one. The always-reliable folks at Funny or Die have crafted just such a thing: A trailer for a biopic called “Weird” that tracks the rise and fictional fall of one of America’s most treasured parodists.

The video stars Aaron Paul (of “Breaking Bad” and “Big Love” fame) as Yankovic. He plays Al as a cocksure rock star who refuses to take no for an answer and finds fame with songs like “Eat It” and “Like a Surgeon” only to spiral downward with the help of booze. The rest of the eclectic cast is pretty remarkable, including Gary Cole (“Office Space”) as his father and Mary Steenburgen as his mom. (In one of the spot’s best gags, she is identified as “Academy Award Winner Mary Steenburgen,” which is funny because it’s true.) Olivia Munn shows up as Yankovic’s lover (she’s either playing Madonna or playing somebody who is just like Madonna — either way, it’s gold) and Patton Oswalt gets a full hair and makeup treatment as Dr. Demento (who helped give Yankovic his start by playing his songs on his radio show).

Though it appears to be fake, “Weird Al” should really get his own movie, if only to reprise his cameo role as the slimy music executive who doesn’t think parody songs will work.