MTV News’ WMC Guide: The Songs You May Not Know That You Know, But Love.

By Adam Stewart

An fundamental aspect of attending WMC is musical discovery and exploration. Falling in love with a song and then madly trying to find out what song is can be a daunting task for even the most diehard fan. To spare you from the embarrassment of asking your pals if that awesome dance song with the piano and the intergalactic sounding thingy is the new Ace of Base release, check out the list below of the 10 most notable songs you may not know but will most certainly grow to love. You can preview all of these tracks on the Beatport Player below.

Gadjo, “So Many Times”
The combination of funky samba piano, a muted trumpet and a kick ass bass line made this track a huge hit in 2006. This all time vocal favorite might just be a mystery to the untrained ear, but consider the mystery solved!

Tiesto, “Traffic”
He is the most iconic and recognizable figure in the dance world, but does anyone know his real music? When he’s not teaming up with Tegan and Sara or cruising down the Vegas Strip with Three Six Mafia and Sean Kingston, he’s tearing up sold out stadiums (including the 2004 Olympic Opening Ceremonies) across the globe with huge bombs like “Traffic.”

Kaskade. “Be Still”
Prolific L.A. producer and DJ Kaskade has his roots in deep house, but in the mid-2000s he began incorporating stunning vocals into his unmistakable sound. “Be Still” was a giant hit and is our favorite of the bunch, but there are many more. We can’t wait to hear his new collaboration with Tiesto, rumored to be dropping some time in the next few months.

Supermode, “Tell Me Why”
This killer riff is often confused with September’s “Cry for You,” but that is only to the untrained ear. This project (actually a collaboration between Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso of Swedish House Mafia) has infected the brains of millions with an impossibly addictive summer anthem from 2006.

Axwell, “I Found U” (Remode Mix)
Another treat from our SHM pal Axwell, “I Found U” was big in ’07 and ’08 can still easily fill a dance floor while consistently eliciting an impromptu sing-along. Ax is personally responsible for countless other addictive tracks that we’re certain you’ve bopped your head and pumped your fist to.

Samim, “Heater”
Did you ever think an accordion could be the centerpiece of the coolest song of the year? Neither did the folks at the ’07 WMC, who were hypnotized by a song that is guaranteed to make you want to kick off your shoes, dance in the sand and guzzle a fruity frozen cocktail.

Pryda, “Pjanoo”
This is the above-mentioned awesome dance song with the piano and the intergalactic sound. It’s my favorite “piano” song of all time, and millions probably agree. This song is house music immortality and was the song of WMC 2008.

Swedish House Mafia (Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angelo with Laidback Luke), “Leave the World Behind”
If you haven’t heard this song in the past 12 months, then I hate to tell you that you may literally be living under a rock. Deborah Cox backs up a killer piano riff and bass laden anthem with her undeniably awesome vocals. This song came out of WMC 2009 and was arguably the track of the year, and is still going very strong.

Sharam feat Anousheh Khalili, “Be The Change”
This melodic floor filler hit the clubs in the summer of 2007. Sharam (of the dynamic progressive house duo Deep Dish) took advantage of the high-flying and tingling vocals and a quartet of strings to create an underground anthem that is next to impossible to shake from your cranium.

Rui Da Silva ft Cassandra, “Touch Me”
“Touch Me” first appeared all the way back in 2000 but has remained a club music staple 10 years on. It’s a truly iconic love anthem that even the toughest jock can embrace and blast through his car stereo. If you only listen to one of these, make it this one because we guarantee it will become one of your favorites.

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We’ll be chatting up with many of these mixing maestros next week in Miami to find out what the next big anthem will be! Stick with us for all of the WMC action as it unfolds!

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