Kristen Stewart Reviews Broken Social Scene’s SXSW Show For MTV News

You would think that with a brand-new movie to promote (a tiny little rock bio called “The Runaways” that you may have heard of by now) and a full-time job dodging pesky paparazzi to focus on, Kristen Stewart wouldn’t have much time to do anything else. But you’d be wrong.

Turns out, she’s also a budding rock critic.

See, after last night’s “Runaways” premiere at South by Southwest, Stewart sneaked out to venerable Austin BBQ shack/music venue Stubb’s to check out the indie-riffic Band of Horses/Broken Social Scene double bill. And despite the fact that the gig was perhaps the biggest Thursday night show at SXSW (well, either that or Stone Temple Pilots), Stewart braved the crowds, because, as she put it, “Band of Horses happen to be, like, my favorite band at the moment.”

Perhaps wanting to share the love, she also brought her “Runaways” co-star Dakota Fanning along to check out the show. But after Fanning left (perhaps it was past her bedtime?) Stewart stayed around to watch B.S.S. So how was it? Here’s Stewart’s 32-second review of the gig:


Stewart said she’s also hoping to catch Broken Bells — the duo featuring Danger Mouse and Shins’ frontman James Mercer — before she hightails it out of Austin, and she also cops to worshiping at the altar of Radiohead and Interpol (just like everyone else at SXSW). What can we say? The girl’s got taste.

And if this whole acting gig doesn’t pan out, she could always turn her attention to the lucrative world of rock criticism. The pay is lousy, but hey, at least you get free CDs!

Check back throughout the week (and into the weekend) for more of MTV News’ adventures at South by Southwest … the biggest bands, the best interviews, the beefiest beef ribs … it’s all gonna be here.

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