MTV News' Musical March Madness: Jack Johnson Vs. Young Veins, Weezer Vs. Sublime

It's Musical March Madness! The sprawling bracket — both a parody and a tribute to the NCAA basketball tournament, masterminded by MTV News' James Montgomery — takes the 65 biggest names in rock, splits them up into four regions, assigns them seeds and puts them up against one another in a single-elimination series of match-ups in a winner-take-all contest. We're leaving it to you to decide an actual champ in this field of 65. Over the next few weeks, we will present a series of polls that will allow you to vote for the match-ups presented in MTV News' Band Bracketology. You vote for the winners, we'll keep advancing the seeds and, in the end, we'll have some sort of champion. What will the winner receive? Little more than our esteem (as well as that of the fans) and some Internet bragging rights.

The games roll on, and so do the band match-ups. Here are two more top-shelf confrontations in the West bracket!

(3) Jack Johnson vs. (14) The Young Veins

Though the Young Veins are like the mid-major team who got a bunch of transfers from Duke who could play spoiler at any time. Jack Johnson is that team that somehow "quietly" wins 27 games (think of him as Kansas State). This is a tough one, and if the Young Veins score an upset, it could set up an eventual showdown with Panic at the Disco in the Sweet 16. But do they get out of the first round?

(6) Weezer vs. (11) Sublime

Weezer come in as spry veterans who always manage to make the big dance and always score a big win or two, and the power of Raditude (compounded with their killer live show) could take them far. They're up against Sublime, who still have an intense following even though frontman Bradley Nowell passed away in 1996. Can they ride the wave to a victory or will Weezer push their way forward?