Meet MTV News’ Special SXSW Correspondents: Picture Me Broken

There’s a whole lot of ground to cover here at South by Southwest, so it’s a good thing MTV News has someone to help us do it: not-quite-legal California flamethrowers Picture Me Broken, who are down in Austin for the very first time (and since they’re all still in high school, that means they’re skipping class to be here). And while you might not be familiar with them just yet, we get the feeling you will be. Very soon, in fact.

Fronted by (not quite) 17-year-old bellower Layla Brooklyn Allman (her dad is Gregg, a founding member of a little band you may have heard of called the Allman Brothers), PMB pummel and wail with a force that is way beyond their years. And though they’re still without a record deal, fame doesn’t seem all that far away: One of their songs, “Dearest (I’m So Sorry)” will debut in the near future as a downloadable track in the ultra-successful “Rock Band” franchise.

So PMB come to SXSW with the eyes of the industry already firmly fixed on them, and now they’ve got to prove that they’re more than just hype. They’ve got a full schedule of shows ahead of them, which means plenty of opportunities to screw everything up. So with so much on the line, we figured they’d be the perfect guest correspondents for MTV News. Over the coming days, you’ll read about their pressure-packed SXSW … the make-or-break showcases, the high-profile meetings, and, of course, the BBQ. There’s always time for BBQ.

But before we get to the drama, let’s meet Picture Me Broken … a band very much on the edge. Of something.


Picture Me Broken will be filing blogs for MTV News throughout South by Southwest. And make sure to check back throughout the week (and into the weekend) for more of MTV News’ adventures at SXSW 2010 … the biggest bands, the best interviews, the beefiest beef ribs … it’s all gonna be here.

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