G Baby’s Death Puts Dark Cloud Over Fabolous Show

Fabolous came straight to the ’hood on Friday night in Jamaica, Queens, headlining a show at club Amazura, which included a opening performance by Queens native Grafh.

You’d expect the show to start north of Friday and creep into Saturday morning, but Loso didn’t get onstage until a little after 3 a.m. — lucky it wasn’t a school night. Amazura had an excellent turnout, as the massive club was practically filled.

When Loso took the stage, he mixed hit singles with material from his new mixtape The Funeral Service: There Is No Competition 2. “I’mma Do It” went to “Keepin’ it Gangsta” and “Young’n.” Later came freestyles over instrumentals from “All the Way Turnt Up” and “Lemonade.”

Red Café got a great ovation when he came on as a surprise guest during “I’m Ill.”

Unfortunately, news of G Baby’s murder on his way home from the party tarnished the good memories.

Being from the neighborhood, I was horrified — for one, you have a 22-year-old man that died for no reason. Secondly, I know how excited Bleek was for the guy’s career. I was also hurt because the murder puts a horrific stain on the neighborhood. I grew up minutes away from Amazura and it’s a shame that when a big-name act that so many people from around the way loved to see up close comes into the environment, a tragedy happens. These deaths in the streets are so senseless.