Happy Birthday, Mark Hoppus!

If you happen to pass Mark Hoppus on the street today, be sure to blow him a kiss, hand him a Mylar balloon or offer to buy him an ice cream cone, because it's the Blink-182 bassist's birthday. He turns 38 years old today, and though it's strange to think about, the man is a veteran at this point. Blink-182 first got together in 1992 and consisted of Hoppus, guitarist Tom DeLonge and drummer Scott Raynor. Since then, the band went through one personnel change (Raynor was swapped out for drummer Travis Barker in 1998), a long hiatus (recently called off for the sake of new music and a new tour) and five full-length albums full of hits like "All the Small Things," "The Rock Show," "Feeling This," "What's My Age Again?" and "I Miss You."

But Hoppus' career hasn't just been strumming and singing for Blink-182. During the hiatus, Hoppus formed the band (+44) with Barker, a group that released a single album in 2006 called When Your Heart Stops Beating (whose title track was a moderate hit). Hoppus has also sat behind the production desk for a number of other bands, including Motion City Soundtrack's Commit This to Memory and New Found Glory's Not Without a Fight. Most recently, he collaborated with Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz on a track called "In Transit," which appeared on Almost Alice, the companion rock album to the new Tim Burton film "Alice in Wonderland."

In 2009, Blink-182 went on an extremely successful reunion tour and are now working on a new album (their first since their 2003 self-titled swan song). Until then, the fans will just have to live with the band's sometimes disarmingly deep catalog. Even at their most bratty and adolescent, they always manage to slip in a little bit of melancholy into the proceedings. That's probably what made "Dammit" — the band's first big single and a great vocal lead for Hoppus — such a big hit back in 1997.


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