Fill Out Your NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket With Britney Spears And Michael Jackson

Over the weekend, the NCAA conference tournaments wrapped up and the final NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament brackets were unveiled on Sunday night (March 14). Yes, March Madness is finally here, and it's one of the best times of the year for sports. The 65 teams from around the country will engage in a single-elimination tournament over the next four weeks, with only one winner standing tall as the best college basketball team in the country. The top seeds in the four different regions are Duke, Syracuse, Kansas and Kentucky, and there are plenty of other teams who can act as spoilers and Cinderellas.

While you fill out the bracket for your office pool (just for fun, of course, as gambling is illegal), check out the official MTV News March Madness video playlist. There are plenty of odes to hoops (Kurtis Blow's "Basketball"), higher education ("I Love College" by Asher Roth), winning (Ace Hood's "Champion"), dunks (Michael Jackson's "Jam"), dominant players (Accept's "Balls to the Wall," a tribute to dominant Kentucky star John Wall) and, uh, madness itself (Decapitated's "Spheres of Madness"). There are also entries from real basketball players (DJ Kay Slay's "Still Can't Stop the Reign," which features Shaquille O'Neal), songs about choking (Paramore's "Pressure") and tracks about strategy ("Let's Push Things Forward" by the Streets).

As far as favorites go, the Las Vegas odds have Kansas as the favorite at 5-2, with Kentucky at 7-2 and Duke just behind them at 8-1. In the college game, the best teams usually live and die by the three-pointer, which is why this particular video playlist kicks off with Britney Spears' "3," an ode to long-range shooting.


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