Aziz Ansari Versus Justin Bieber: Let The Battle Begin!

Musicians could learn a thing or two from Aziz Ansari about marketing. The stand-up comedian, star of "Parks and Recreation" and hip-hop enthusiast has been working on a mixtape for a while with TV on the Radio member Dave Sitek (it was originally supposed to drop in February, but according to Ansari, it now comes out "whenever the f--- I want"). The tape is a product of his alter-ego Raaaaaaaandy, a more in-your-face, Dane Cook-esque version of himself (that's the character he's playing in last summer's "Funny People").

Now Raaaaaaaandy is working to hype up his work as a recording artist, and he has started on Twitter. On Monday afternoon, Ansari tweeted, "New Video: Raaaaaaaandy Declares War on @justinbieber." He included a link to the video below, in which Raaaaaaaandy accuses 16-year-old Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber of stealing his song "Baby Baby" and turning it into Bieber's current hit "Baby." Ansari then throws to a pre-recorded "reenactment" of the scene of Bieber visiting Ansari, Sitek and Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner in the studio. Bieber (played by a significantly older actor and smoking) then hears Raaaaaaaandy recording "Baby Baby" and then shooting the place up on his exit.

Ansari's tweet was thrown to Bieber's Twitter, though the singer hasn't responded yet. If he takes the bait, it could make for a truly hilarious feud. Though he would no doubt appreciate the bump from Bieber's legions of followers, he's doing pretty well on his own: Nearly 30,000 people have already watched the clip. Check it out below, though be warned: There's a bit of potty language involved.

What do you think of Raaaaaaaandy? Is it still a good character or is it tired? Who else should Ansari feud with? Let us know in the comments!