Backstreet Boys Announce Cruise Plans, We Plan Out Our Itinerary

This December, the Backstreet Boys will be hitting the high seas. And with pre-sale tickets going on sale on March 15, I am sitting here at my desk here in the MTV Newsroom wondering just what I would do with certain members of the group if I should be given the chance to go all “Pirates of the Caribbean” with the boys.

Billed on their Web site as “a once-in-a-lifetime experience that the boys will embark on and share with you, the fans,” I already have a pretty good idea of what I may be up to come December 9-13 on a cruise ship with the Backstreet Boys.

» I think I’d play some shuffle board with Howie D. It seems like he’s built to excel at the game.

» I would definitely have to do some ballroom dancing with Nick. Any chance to hit the floor with that blond bombshell seems like the perfect night.

» Cruises are infamous for their luxurious buffets, and I think that Brian Littrell could make for the perfect dinner companion.

» And finally, the guys promises stops at “exotic ports.” So if I’m going to go shopping at exotic ports with any of the guys, it’s A.J. McLean. He’s got some cool style. Plus, he kind of looks like a pirate. That is a compliment!

So, will you be boarding the Backstreet Boys cruise this winter? Who would you most want to hang out with? Tell us in the comments below!