Lil Wayne Travels North For Sentencing

By Rahman Dukes

Earlier this afternoon, hip-hop’s most beloved rapper Lil Wayne arrived from Miami in New York City via private jet for his formal sentencing on weapons charges. After three weeks of delay to get some serious dental work done (eight root canals in one day — as real as it gets), Lil Wayne is set to officially begin his sentence at one of the country’s most notorious jails. Although a fire in the courthouse will delay the procedure by one more day, Wayne is sure to be an inmate imminently.

Anyone with knowledge of Rikers (or any jail, for that matter) can tell you it’s no walk in the park. It’s definitely a test of time that completely seperates the inmate from his family and friends. The process is life changing, but the results can be a positive. Hopefully Wayne — who, like any other successful rapper, probably isn’t used to having restrictions put on him — will see his world changed starting this afternoon: Breakfast at four a.m. (when Wayne usually is recording) and lights out at 10 p.m. No more of the jolly green giant, diamond studded jewels and loads of women. But anyone who’s familiar with the Fireman will tell you that Wayne will adapt to his new conditions over the next eight months.

During the flight from Miami to New York (with a stop in Atlanta), the homey Scoob Doo came through in the clutch once again. Scoob has been documenting Wayne’s last days and hit us off with a few photos that depict Wayne traveling on his private jet. In this particular, photo you catch a glimpse of Wayne getting some rest before diving into the belly of the beast.

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