‘Dancing With The Stars’ Preview: Who Should Join The Cast?

Now that the 2010 Winter Olympics are over and “American Idol” has decided to underwhelm the world (at least so far), we can look forward to the next great televised competition. Yes, baseball is coming back, March Madness is just around the corner and the NBA playoffs are dangerously close, but the real cutthroat action will be on the new season of “Dancing With the Stars.”

The full lineup of celebrities who will be competing will be announced tonight (during ABC’s broadcast of the final episode of “The Bachelor”), but there are already a handful of names being whispered about on the Internet. Perhaps the biggest name mentioned so far is reality TV star and tabloid staple Kate Gosselin. Other rumored named include Pamela Anderson, recent gold medal winner Evan Lysacek, former “Full House” star John Stamos, former Britney Spears spouse Kevin Federline and Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover star Brooklyn Decker.

That mix would make for quite a show. Can you imagine the backstage conversations between Stamos and Federline? Can you contemplate Gosselin wondering if she’ll be Anderson some day? But nobody is truly confirmed yet, and there are a lot of slots to fill. Here are a handful of celebs we’d cast in the show, if given unlimited access and resources.

David Paterson
“Dancing With the Stars” is a great forum for disgraced politicians, and since Rod Blagojevich is already on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” the task should fall to the embattled governor of New York. Sure, he’s still got a few months left in his term, but considering most New Yorkers would like to see him leave office anyway, he’d probably be able to get the time off.

Forrest Griffin
Last season’s version of the show featured former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell, who was a fantastic and somewhat underrated contestant. This show should always feature a fighter, and why not the charismatic former light heavyweight champion Griffin? He’s funny and would probably turn in a memorable performance.

Foxy Brown
Since she got out of jail in 2008, Foxy has needed some kind of career revival to burst back into the mainstream, and the talented MC behind such smash hits as “Hot Spot,” “I’ll Be” and “Big Bad Momma” would be a perfect fit for “Dancing With the Stars.” The show loves a comeback story, and Foxy’s long journey back would make for great television.

Martin Sheen
Ever since “The West Wing” ended and Sheen stepped out of the spotlight as the patriarchal president, the TV landscape has been bereft of Martin Sheen (though Charlie Sheen has tried to ably fill in). If Martin did “Dancing With the Stars,” he could start a friendly rivalry between his show and “Two and a Half Men.” What’s better than cross-network warring?

Betty White
Everybody wants her to host “Saturday Night Live,” but why limit her TV exposure to 90 minutes in late night where she has to share screen time with Kristen Wiig? Put White on “Dancing With the Stars” and have her follow in the footsteps of Cloris Leachman.

Oderus Urungus
The Gwar frontman and patriarch has a secretly dynamic personality, and even though he’d probably be eliminated right away, it’d be fun to watch his partner cower in fear for a week.

Who do you want to see in the new “Dancing With the Stars” cast? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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