Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne And Lady Gaga: This Week’s Deep Cuts

This week’s adventures in the MTV Newsroom had a lot to do with teams. It seemed like everybody was finding a partner, combining powers and barreling headlong at a common goal. Perhaps everyone suddenly became inspired by the Winter Olympics? Are they fans of WWE Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show and the Miz? Or are people just looking to stay warm during these ridiculous snow storms?

Whatever the case, before you go looking for your own tag-team partner this weekend, check out everything you might have missed this week, and be sure to stay tuned for more opinions, humor, insights and behind-the-scenes awesomeness next week!

» When he announced he would be performing on “Saturday Night Live,” Justin Bieber found himself in the exclusive club of the youngest “SNL” performers of all time.

» All types of teams showed off during the Olympics this week, including some ice dancers who summoned the power of Linkin Park during their routine.

» Not all of this week’s teams were current, as we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice.

» This weekend, the U.S. hockey team will play for gold with the assistance of Kings of Leon and Metallica.

» Meanwhile at Disneyland, Michael Jackson got the opportunity to get back together with an alien named Hooter when “Captain EO” returned to the lineup in Tomorrowland.

» “American Idol” contestants usually stand alone when they perform, though they’re always joining forces with famous songs. The best one this week was Siobhan Magnus’ version of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.”

» Based on the greatness of the Young Money album, we wondered which posse albums were the greatest of all time. When the votes came in, G-Unit stood at the top.

» Snoop Dogg got back together with the cast of “One Life to Live” for another stunner of a guest spot on the soap.

» Thanks to a friendly pair of gloves, Lady Gaga narrowly managed to avoid being totally naked on the cover of a music magazine.

» Speaking of Gaga, we found out that a lot of people team up with the spirit of Gaga for crazy covers.

» Jennifer Hudson’s fiancé David Otunga joined forces with his own muscles for a killer debut on “WWE NXT.”

» Erykah Badu wanted to get to know Paul McCartney so she could sample a song, and she succeeded using the power of Twitter.

» Conan O’Brien joined up with a monkey, a squirrel and a computer to craft the greatest Twitter feed yet imagined by man or beast.

» Finally, MTV News engineered two team-ups this week, both care of digital producer Rich Sancho. The first brought together Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne for a collaboration, while the second melded Lady Gaga’s “Monster” with Tiger Woods’ apology. They’re both remarkable and should keep you entertained throughout the weekend. Enjoy!