Six Tiger Woods Apology Mash-Ups We’d Like To Hear

One of the more interesting Internet memes of the past few weeks stems from Tiger Woods’ public apology last Friday, which saw him spend 13 minutes confessing his sins and asking for mercy for his personal transgressions. As MTV News reported earlier today, there are a handful of people who have taken audio from Woods’ apology and mashed it up with a handful of pop songs. So far, we’ve heard Woods melded with songs from Robin Thicke (excellent), Ke$ha (pretty good), OneRepublic (reasonable) and Black Eyed Peas (not so great).

But even that last one is still pretty amazing, which is why this trend should definitely continue. Here are a handful of songs we’d like to see get the Woods apology treatment.

Shaggy, “It Wasn’t Me”
Shaggy’s philosophy is remarkably flippant (and also somewhat unreasonable). “Your girl caught you? Just say it wasn’t you! Problem solved!” The juxtaposition is too good to turn down.

Ginuwine, “I’ll Do Anything/I’m Sorry”
Nothing says “I have irreparably damaged my personal life and my marriage” like a good Timbaland beat.

Akon, “Sorry Blame It On Me”
It’s pretty straightforward, though it does demand the question: If you’re sorry, who else would we blame it on?

Riverboat Gamblers, “A Choppy But Sincere Apology”
This would probably be a more difficult match-up, but the sentiment totally matches Woods’ confession. It was a little stilted, sure, but it seemed like he meant it.

Blu Cantrell, “Hit Em Up Style (Oops)”
Because sometimes, all you can say is “Oops.”

E-40, “Things Will Never Change”
For the pessimists out there.