Erykah Badu Takes To Twitter To Clear Paul McCartney Sample

Most people think of Twitter as a way to keep in touch with their friends, track trends on the Internet and get a little bit closer to some of the biggest celebrities in the worlds of music, movies, television and beyond. Sometimes, it's even a handy business tool, as neo-soul singer Erykah Badu recently learned.

On Wednesday night (February 24), Badu needed to clear a sample for her new album. She decided to turn to Twitter to give her an assist, the ultimate goal being to get in touch with Paul McCartney or a suitable representative. She started by getting in touch with Lenny Kravitz. Not knowing how to reach him, she solicited responses from Zoe Kravitz and from @lennyFANS for his info.

"The deal is I'm trying to clear a Paul McCartney sample and I hear Lenny knows his daughter Stella and maybe I can connect with her," she wrote. "If I can talk to Paul McCartney, I can get the sample cleared. [I] have less than 24 hours or [the] song won't make [the] album."

Badu then reached out to Madonna manager and movie producer Guy Oseary. "Peace Guy. I'm Erykah Badu," she wrote. "I understand you are friends with Stella McCartney. Can you help us connect?" Badu then decided to go right to the source, and she tweeted Stella McCartney directly.

Finally, she got a response from Mathieu Bitton in Lenny Kravitz's camp, and managed to connect with him directly. "I am with Lenny," he wrote. "If it's really you, follow me then DM me. I'll connect you. Twitter is fresh." According to Bitton's Twitter, Kravitz then connected with Badu directly via telephone shortly thereafter.

Following a gap of a few hours, Badu announced the good news. "Paul McCartney approved the sample," she wrote. "Cleared!" So what began as something of a wild goose chase ended with Badu getting exactly what she wanted, and she managed to accomplish it in public for all of her 89,000 followers to see. So when you hear the McCartney sample on Badu's forthcoming album, you can thank Twitter for letting her get to the Beatle 140 characters at a time.

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