Snoop Dogg Returns To ‘One Life To Live’ To Give Lessons In Slang And Romantic Advice

By Nuzhat Naoreen

The fictional town of Llanview, Pennsylvania got a very special visitor on Wednesday (February 24) when rapper Snoop Dogg dropped by the set of the day time soap opera “One Life to Live” to perform the song “I Wanna Rock” from his latest album album Malice in Wonderland.

That’s right: Snoop. On a soap opera. Performing. That really happened, and it was all kinds of magical.

Snoop is no stranger to “OLTL” (this marked his third appearance on the show). As he did in the past, he played himself and had scenes with some of the town’s key characters, including resident Police Commissioner Bo Buchanan (Robert S. Woods) and his wife Nora Buchanan (Hillary B. Smith). Snoop talked love and life with the Buchanans over a slice of pizza and also tried to convince them to let their teenage son Matthew (Eddie Alderson) attend his performance at the local night club, Capricorn.

In case you missed it, here are the highlights.


In the opening scene, Snoop reflects on the women of Llanview with this choice quote: “This town has always had some fine sceneries,” he says, while rolling in his limo. (FYI, “Sceneries” = Ladies.)

Later, while catching up with Matthew, Snoop tells the teen that he’s “a player from the Himalayas” because he’s got two “dimes.” Young Matthew was confused, but we got what Snoop was saying. (Once again, “Dimes” = “Ladies.” Obviously.)

Snoop’s decision to appear on the long-running soap opera may come as a surprise, but he recently told talk show host Chelsea Handler that he started watching daytime television at a young age.

“When I went home that would be the only thing on TV so I became a fan of it because I got suspended so much,” he said.

He’s also not the only artist to embrace the world of soaps. “Pineapple Express” star James Franco made headlines recently when he signed on to play a serial killer on “General Hospital” for a few months. James is planning on returning a return to “GH” in May to finish up his storyline.

As for Snoop, we’re not sure when his next appearance will be, but we’re hoping it’s soon. Maybe the writers should consider finding him a “dime” in Llanview, so he has an excuse to visit more often?

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