Nickelback Officially Less Popular Than A Pickle (On Facebook)

It must be tough being a member of Nickelback. Sure, they have sold millions of albums, sold out venues all over the world and are responsible for at least two songs ("Photograph" and "Rockstar") that will be rock radio staples for decades to come.

But at the same time, you've got people mocking you constantly, and your band name is regularly used as an insult or shorthand for bland, faceless rock. It's a bummer. And now comes the latest blast of humiliation. A few weeks ago, a woman named Coral Anne launched a Facebook campaign with a very simple goal: Getting a simple dill pickle to snag more fans than the official Facebook page for Nickelback. In the way that tends to happen on Facebook, it quickly went from a simple inside joke to a viral campaign that saw hundreds of thousands of people siding with the pickle.

But unlike many Facebook gags of this nature, it just kept going. Last night, it finally happened: The pickle managed to top Nickelback. The current count for the pickle is 1,481,561 fans (and counting), eclipsing the band's 1,422,156.

It has been a good week for grassroots viral campaigns, as not only did the pickle beat Nickelback (or "Nickleback," as the Facebook group called them), but the campaign to get Betty White to host "Saturday Night Live" appears to be working. That also began as a Facebook campaign, and the over 450,000 people who have endorsed the idea have caught the attention of the producers of "SNL."

What do you think? Is the pickle vs. Nickelback feud funny or just sort of mean? Leave your thoughts in the comments!