Lady Gaga Covers: The Good, The Bad And The Monstrous

By Joel Hanek

We all know you can’t step two feet into the Internet without getting a Lady Gaga cover all over your shoes. The cover phenomenon isn’t anything new — in fact, it happens every couple of years: One massive song is the catalyst for a whole spawn of other artists to remake, cover and call their own. A few years ago it was Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” and before that we had a thousand versions of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.”

With Lady Gaga, it’s not just one song that other artists love to cover — it’s her whole catalog. While there are a million videos and sites on the series of tubes dedicated to cover songs (like the genius Our Hit Parade), here’s a quick little list of Gaga tributes that what we’ve come across (for better or worse).

We The Kings, “Paparazzi”
This group of sensitive pop-punkers recently performed a stripped-down version of Lady Gaga’s obsessive love song, taking the dark pop anthem from synthy to sensitive.

The Demonstration, “Bad Romance”
The growling and distorted guitars over Gaga’s original vocal track made such an impression on the Clawed Lady that she even tweeted about it.

Maximo Park, “Just Dance”
These British indie darlings croon their way through this club track. It almost sounds like the bastard child of Ian Curtis and Lady Gaga.

Set Your Goals, “Just Dance”
Although all the instruments in this song were replaced with kazoos, any cover with the audacity to include an all-kazoo orchestra deserves to make the list.

Chris Daughtry, “Poker Face”
Here’s something novel: An “American Idol” alum covering something! While Daughtry takes the classic stripped-down acoustic approach while covering this song, he leaves the song’s powerful vocal tone generally untouched.

You Me at Six, “Poker Face”
Something about Gaga leaves punk bands coming back for more, and I’m sure this won’t be the only band covering her at Warped Tour this year. This group doesn’t hold back on the power chords while delivering this version of the hit song (definitely a good secret weapon to have in the setlist for a singalong).

Of Mice & Men, “Poker Face”
Speaking of Warped Tour bands, Of Mice & Men has combined two things more polarizing than Sarah Palin: Screamo and Auto-Tune. By the time you reach this sentence, you’re either already listening to the song or your head just exploded in the worst way.

Weezer, “Kids / Poker Face”
Over the years, Weezer has transitioned from singing about “Dungeons & Dragons” to partying hard like rock stars. Rivers Cuomo and company have always embraced the idea of change, and it’s refreshing to see an established act paying homage to new acts (and in this case, it’s both Gaga and MGMT).

Eric Cartman, “Poker Face”
You know that you’ve made an impact on the world once you’ve made it on “South Park.” Congratulations, Lady Gaga!

While we are on the subject of Lady Gaga covers, the Commander-in-Chief of the Little Monster Army has turned out a few cover songs of her own over the years, many of which are worth a listen.

Lady Gaga, “Out on the Weekend” (Neil Young cover)
While not really a true cover, Lady Gaga pays tribute to the Great Canadian with her piano rendition of this classic cut from Harvest. Don’t worry, it’s not another combination of Young and synthesizers. (Remember Trans?)

Lady Gaga, “Viva La Vida” (Coldplay cover)
Sure, it may sound a bit like her own reworking of “Poker Face,” but Lady Gaga forgetting the words to a Coldplay song makes her just like us.

Are there any other covers out there that we missed? which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @mtvnews!

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