Lady Gaga, John Mayer, ‘American Idol’ And Mardi Gras: This Week’s Deep Cuts

Even though we were only providing news, insight and humor for four days this week (thanks, President’s Day!), there was still a remarkable amount of excellent news tumbling out of the Internet and onto the MTV Newsroom Blog. It was a fantastic batch of stories featuring an eclectic batch of stars, from John Mayer and Lady Gaga to Mitt Romney and Olympic skier Hannah Kearney.

If you’ve like us, you’re going to spend your weekend seeing “Shutter Island,” wishing the snow would melt and maintaining a nasty case of Olympic Fever. But before you indulge in all of that, be sure to catch up with everything you might have missed.

» After she won a trio of prizes and made jaws drop with her performance at the Brit Awards, Lady Gaga threw her support behind a series of designer condoms. Practice safe sex, Little Monsters!

» John Mayer’s Playboy controversy appears to have blown over, but that didn’t stop us from analyzing some select lyrics from Mayer’s catalog. We still can’t believe he has a song called “My Stupid Mouth.”

» We celebrated Mardi Gras this week with a playlist featuring Lil Wayne, Better Than Ezra and Miley Cyrus.

» There was no shortage of Winter Olympics coverage this week, including an interview with Hannah Kearney, the first U.S. gold medal winner in Vancouver.

» Also, even if everything at the Olympics had been a total disaster, at least the Winter Olympics mascots are adorable.

» In news that doesn’t involve athletes, filmmaker Kevin Smith got into an argument with Southwest Airlines over his weight, which put him in an exclusive club with Snoop Dogg, Peter Buck and Courtney Love.

» It shouldn’t shock you, but it turns out producer RedOne really loves the new version of “We Are the World,” which he worked on.

» The late night landscape got a new wrinkle, as rumors surfaced that Kevin Eubanks would no longer be serving as the band leader on “The Tonight Show.” If that turns out to be true, Jay Leno should recruit Ben Folds or Randy Newman to take the job.

» “American Idol” revealed the Top 24 this week, but the bigger “Idol” news came when Jim Cantiello sat down with Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta for a summit before a show.

» Also on the “Idol” front, we learned that the Top 24 will all be tweeting throughout the season, which made us consider the best Twitter accounts by former “Idol” contestants. Who knew Alex Wagner-Trugman was so essential?

» In the greatest culture clash of all time, Mitt Romney got into a confrontation with LMFAO on an airplane, and hilarity ensued.

» For 12 minutes on Friday, Tiger Woods took over the airwaves to apologize to everybody he has ever met (and plenty he hasn’t).

» Finally, please take a few minutes to check out Jared Leto’s thoughts on the 30 Seconds to Mars video for “Kings and Queens.” It’s a thoughtful piece from a passionate artist, and even if you don’t care for the band or the song, you have to admire Leto’s passion.