The Top 10 'American Idol' Twitterers

Internet addicts, rejoice! The season nine "American Idol" contestants will be allowed to tweet (and update Facebook and MySpace pages) for the first time in the show's history! So far the top 24 has remained mum, but while we wait for the newbies to peep their first tweets, I thought it'd be fun to highlight my top 10 favorite "Idol" Twitter-heads from seasons past.


10. Kelly Clarkson

The original "Idol" only picked up Twitter somewhat recently, but she took to it like a champ. (Sort of.) Kelly has always made her fans feel like close personal friends and her Twitter page is no different. And when she decides to speak her mind, you'll want to be one of the first people to hear it.

9. Frenchie Davis

Long before Chris Golightly, we had the original DQ diva, Frenchie Davis. Lucky for us, Frenchie's sass levels are still through the roof, and the woman knows her way around a Twitter trend. As Frenchie would say, "Werq!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

8. Paula Abdul

Do you watch "Idol" and miss Paula's New Age-y words of wisdom? There's a very easy way to fix that problem — click the follow button.

7. Danny Gokey

Danny is the undisputed king of TMI tweeting. Belly-button lint! Laxatives! Thanks for the nightmares, Gokey!

6. Tatiana del Toro

Two words: alien abduction. Yes, season-eight semifinalist Tatiana brings her patented cray-cray each and every time she steps into the Twitterverse. From ranting about haters to sharing epic stories about near-death experiences, Tatiana's feed is just as wild and unpredictable as she was on the show. Think of her as the Courtney Love of "Idol" twitterers. Awesome.

5. David Archuleta

Like Archuleta himself, the tweets that come from the giggly season-seven alum are sure to make you smile. His hilariously simple messages read like excerpts from haiku poems and when he decides to tell a story (in 140 characters), he does so in a charming and quirky way.

4. Melinda Doolittle

Season six's humble diva with the big booming voice is refreshingly honest, delightfully self-deprecating and just plain adorable. And she's still a die-hard "Idol" fan, so you may get some live commentary on new episodes too.

3. David Cook

No surprise that the self-described "word nerd" is an A+ Twitter user. These days he's hard at work on his sophomore album, yet he'll still find a way to make his "I'm in the studio" updates playful.

2. Kris Allen

The season-eight winner has been accused of having "no personality" by lazy journalists, but any of his 150,000 Twitter followers would beg to differ. Whether he's ruminating on R. Kelly lyrics or pontificating on ad campaigns for major fast-food chains, the pint-sized Idol always seems to come up with something LOLworthy. Plus, his clever use of captions on TwitPics is unparalleled. (For an added Kris Allen Twitter experience, follow his bandmate @calevis24 too.)

1. Alex Wagner-Trugman

Alex's time on "Idol" may have been (too) brief, but this season-eight top-36er is the best-kept secret on Twitter. Follow his misadventures as he returns to being a normal college student! Keep up as he pals around with his famous friends! Bust a gut as you take in his witty observations on pop culture or posts an awesome cover of "Pants on the Ground" (before every other goofball with a guitar did). He's like your funny best friend who happens to have Diablo Cody on speed-dial. (Bonus: He replies to his followers regularly. Some people are really into that sort of thing.)

How do you think the season-nine Idols will compare to these 10? What "Idol" stars did I leave off the list? (I know, I know. But Adam Lambert's tweets used to be epic. Now? Not as much.) And are you following me on Twitter? Let me know in the comments!