Justin Timberlake ‘A Genius,’ Says New Label Signee Free Sol

Memphis based band Free Sol got their lucky break when fellow Tennessee native Justin Timberlake heard their music and decided to sign them to his Tennman Records label. Frontman Free Sol admits that being in the studio working on the group’s forthcoming debut album with the pop superstar has taught him quite a lot.

“Yes [we were in the studio with Justin] several times. It’s like school,” Free Sol told MTV News about working with Timberlake in the studio. “He’s a genius. A lot of people think that dude from *NSYNC, but really he’s like … He’s a baby Quincy [Jones], you know what I mean? So we learn a lot.”

Free Sol revealed that in a few weeks, the band and Justin have a very daunting process that lies ahead of them before they release an album (which they hope to have out by the summer). “In March, we’re going in with Justin. We did about 108 songs,” he explained. “We did 108 songs and we’re gonna pick 12.”

With the band performing at Justin’s William Rast show on Wednesday night (February 17) during New York Fashion Week, it was their chance to show the fashionista set what they were made of. “I would wish for [our music to sound like] the Black Eyed Peas meets Outkast,” he explained. “What we do, we took the pop and the rock and the hip-hop and we do a little dirty. We keep it Southern, but yet we still keep it melodic.”

So was he nervous to be the soundtrack for his boss’ fashion show? “Really, it’s not nerve-racking,” he said. “He’s so down to earth. He’s so cool and if you do get nervous, he’ll come over to you and be like ’shake that off,’ so it’s real cool, real lax, real simple.”


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