Kevin Smith's Fight With Southwest Joins The Pantheon Of Celebrity Air Travel Confrontations

Over the weekend, filmmaker Kevin Smith (the indie auteur responsible for cult hits "Clerks," "Chasing Amy" and "Dogma," as well as the upcoming "Cop Out") got into a little spat with Southwest Airlines. While trying to board a plane on Sunday morning (February 14), Smith was asked to leave because he was too big for one of the seats. He immediately began tweeting about the incident for the benefit of his over one million followers and the airline itself. It amounted to a rare air rage incident that took place on solid ground.

In the end, Southwest apologized and refunded Smith, though he remains upset about the incident. "Now I'm gonna carry this Too Fat to Fly sh-- around like herpes for the rest of my life, and it was never even true," Smith wrote on his Twitter.

But Smith's disagreement with Southwest pales in comparison to some of the more high-profile incidents in celebrity air rage history. What other incidents, you ask?

Naomi Campbell

The typically level-headed supermodel became upset with British Airways lost one of her bags upon her arrival at London's Heathrow Airport in 2008. She reportedly started kicking and spitting at airline representatives and police (she claims she was responding to being called a racial slur) and ended up pleading guilty to charges of assault and disorderly conduct.

Peter Buck

The R.E.M. guitarist was responsible for what has gone down in history as the definitive celebrity air rage fiasco. The normally mild-mannered Buck destroyed a cup of yogurt, overturned a service cart and may or may not have marked his territory in the bathroom during a flight from Seattle to London in 2001. The great punchline? Buck had no memory of the incident — he woke up in a London jail cell unable to recall his flight, blaming the whole event on the combination of a sleeping pill and red wine.

Courtney Love

The erratic Love repeatedly berated the flight crew during a trip to London (again!) in 2003. When the plane finally landed at Heathrow, police were waiting to welcome her to the U.K.


Don't try to talk to the Icelandic chanteuse while in an airport. She has twice lashed out at press folks while deboarding after a flight: Once in 1996 (when she jumped a TV reporter who welcomed her to Thailand) and again in 2008 (when she tore the shirt of a photographer who tried to snap a photo of her in New Zealand).

Snoop Dogg

The D-O-Double-G has been banned from British Airways because of a 2006 incident at Heathrow Airport (what is it with that place?). Employees at the airport asked Snoop and his entourage to leave a business-class lounge, but they didn't want to budge. When they were pressed, Snoop and his friends started a brawl that smashed up a nearby duty free shop. Amazingly, no charges were filed.

Mike Tyson

Seriously, who is messing with former heavyweight champ anywhere, let alone at an airport? Tyson threw a haymaker at a photographer who was trying to snap shots of his family while they were at a ticket counter at Los Angeles International in 2009. Both Tyson and the photographer were booked on misdemeanor battery charges.