LMFAO Rock Vancouver

By Adam Stewart

LMFAO is known for their big hair, throwback clothing, sick beats and auto tune-anthems. They brought all this and more to their show at the Gossip Nightclub in Vancouver on Sunday night, where hundreds packed the dance floor and were literally crawling on stage to have their shot of doing a shot with front men Blu & Foo. The bouncers had a field day physically throwing screaming girls back into the crowd, as Foo would spray the crowd with beer and champagne.

We also had the pleasure of hanging with LMFAO ultra-fans Lindsay, Paulina and Janessa who’ve become really good friends with the group since they first came to “Van City” a couple of years ago … and quite literally, have become their mascots. They have custom made black LMFAO inspired dresses with a big bold “YES” in white lettering across the booty. And this trio could dance — they were a like a booty-shaking billboard for LMFAO and were bouncing around the whole time. They killed it for a solid 2 hours and closed out with their new hit single “Yes.” As the crowed filtered out, I realized my ears were ringing — and they still are as I write this. But for a show like that, I’ll take a headache in the morning any day.

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