‘American Idol’ Contestant Andrew Garcia Grabs Attention With ‘Straight Up’ Cover, Looks Familiar

Every season on “America Idol,” there is a moment when a contestant distances him- or herself from the field, when they become instantly memorable — perhaps even bankable — stars. Think Adam Lambert’s emotive take on “Mad World” or David Cook’s soulful rendition of “Billy Jean.” These are performances that made viewers begin to think “Wait a minute, I like this guy.”

On Tuesday night’s (February 9) “Idol,” we had what many are considering to be the first moment of season nine. Andrew Garcia, the likeable, neck-tatted dad, wowed pretty much everyone with his acoustic version of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up.”

The performance earned high praise from the judges (Kara Dioguardi proclaimed it “genius”) and almost instantly Garcia became the contestant everyone was watching.

But not me.

Because while I was impressed with the song, I had actually started paying attention to Garcia during his Los Angeles audition for something that had less to do with his gangbanging parents, his adorable family or his singing ability as it did with the fact that Andrew Garcia looks exactly like former Fall Out Boy guitar tech Brian Keith Diaz. Like, alarmingly, freakishly so. The two could be brothers.

For proof, here’s a side-by-side comparison (with Garcia on the left and Diaz on the right).

Eerie, right? And while I had only gotten acquainted with Diaz during Fall Out Boy’s ill-fated Antarctica trip, those who know him best tend to agree that the comparisons to Garcia are not just warranted, but basically spot on.

Or, as Pete Wentz put it in an e-mail: “Haha. Yeah.”

Totally. Oh, and Diaz can sing, too, as evidenced by this grainy clip of him joining FOB on a cover of OutKast’s “Hey Ya.” So, who knows, maybe he and Garcia are related.