Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ Gets The Metal Treatment From The Demonstration

Has Lady Gaga all of a sudden become a metal icon? Last week she revealed during a radio interview that she was a gigantic fan of Black Sabbath, and now she has given a nod to a heavy band from North Carolina called the Demonstration who recorded a loud, pounding, hard cover of Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” She tweeted about the latter earlier today, noting, “Death metal with ice dancing + high fashion you get the Monster Ball,” referencing her huge hit tour.

But how did the Demonstration end up laying down the track (which can be heard at their MySpace page)?

“We’re doing a compilation that is all metal covers, and we were asked to record Stone Temple Pilots’ ’Dead and Bloated,'” guitarist Jameson Vaught told MTV News. “But my girlfriend turned me on to Lady Gaga, and when we started messing around on ’Bad Romance,’ we knew we had to record it. We knew we could make it better.”

The result is a savage take on Gaga’s current chart-conquering hit, with throat-scraping vocals, jackhammer riffs and a sweet sense of harmony that retains the song’s pop roots. “It came out sounding almost like ’80s metal, with the harmonic guitars and the strong melody,” said Vaught. “We’re really happy with how it came out.” Fans have been happy with it, too. The guitarist said that when they broke out the song at a recent concert, “everybody thought it was a joke. But then once we kept going and got into that breakdown part, everybody just went crazy.”

Perhaps most importantly, Gaga is really happy with it, and the band relishes the idea that she has heard it. “I’d love to meet her,” Vaught said. “I saw her Grammys performance, and I thought it was just amazing. I’ve always been a big fan of Elton John, so I thought that was really great.”

Vaught says the band is currently at work on its still-untitled new album and they expect to tour in support of it this summer. In the more immediate future, they have video plans for their “Bad Romance” cover. “We’re trying to get an all white-tiled room, like the one in her video,” he explained. “We don’t really have a concept for it yet, but we think it will involve virtual strippers.”

Virtual strippers? That sounds like an idea that Lady Gaga would totally endorse.