Robin Thicke's 'Sex Therapy' Video, Frame By Frame

By Matt Harper

In our continuing efforts to take you — the loyal music lover — deeper into the minds of today's artists, MTV News presents "Frame by Frame." Each week, we'll get a musician to give you the inside scoop on their latest music video.

Robin Thicke's sexually charged "Sex Therapy" video starts out with some shots of beautiful women and a palatial mansion in Beverly Hills. "We didn't show enough of the house," Thicke recounted while he described how amazing the estate was to shoot in. "That's, like, five chandeliers just over the dining-room table!"


The dining room certainly looked opulent — just on first glance, we noticed gold-embossed furniture, giant pillars in the background and a first-class dinner, including caviar, champagne and chocolate-covered beignets. Classy.

Fun fact: This isn't the first time the mansion has been featured in a music video. It was also used for Hilary Duff's "Reach Out" clip. In fact, if you watch both videos, you might catch a few other similarities.

The sensual vibe in the video continues with Robin sliding down to the floor and then being framed by a pair of very sexy legs. "There's a shot of Seth Rogen [on a Playboy cover] where he's sitting like that exactly, through a girl's legs," Thicke said as he explained the shot's inspiration. You hear that, Seth Rogen? You played a part in the inspiration for the sexy imagery in "Sex Therapy"!

While the "Sex Therapy" video is filled with gorgeous female models, Thicke said he wasn't the only attractive man on set that day, "A lot of people think that's me right there," Thicke said as he pointed out a man caressing a woman's shoulder and moving in for a kiss. Apparently, it was a fluke that they looked so similar — and as Thicke generously pointed out, he just wanted to make sure the ladies would have some other good-looking guys to look at while watching the video.

Robin Thicke clearly knows that any true gentleman puts a ladies' needs before his own.