Snooki Breaks Into The Interview Game With Judas Priest

When MTV News decided to send "Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi to the Grammy Awards this past Sunday (January 31), nobody knew exactly how it would go. Sure, she had plenty of on-camera experience, and based on her performance as the breakout star of "Jersey Shore," everybody knew she had a natural charisma that would come across. But the truth was that she had never conducted an interview before Sunday night. What would happen once Snooki hit the carpet and started talking to some of the biggest stars in music?

When she finally got the chance to get her feet wet as a correspondent, she began with an interesting challenge. The first musicians she encountered on the red carpet? Rob Halford and Scott Travis of legendary English metal band Judas Priest (who would later take home the prize for Best Metal Performance, the group's first Grammy in its 40 year history). You might think that a pair of veteran metalheads would give Snickers a hard time, but luckily, she happened upon two hardcores who happened to be fans of "Jersey Shore."

"We know who you are," Halford said during introductions.

"Do you like my show?" Snooki asked.

"Oh yes," Halford replied.

Snooki went on to explain to the metal vets that J-WOWW likes to work out to heavy metal music, so she's probably heard of them. Travis said he was excited for the second season of the show and wondered if a third was already in place. "I think there's going to be a third, fourth, fifth, sixth," Snooki said.


Stay tuned for more Snooki encounters from the Grammy red carpet.