The Grammy Awards Red Carpet: The Live Blog

Hi, all! It’s Jocelyn Vena here, MTV News’ fashionista for the evening. I’m here to share my thoughts on tonight’s hits and misses as the celebrities roll up on the red carpet leading up to the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. (And of course, you’re here to tell me if you agree or disagree, so speak up in the comments section!) I can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing!

Tonight will celebrate some of the biggest names in music, including Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Pink and the late, great Michael Jackson. Check out all the fashion-related updates below, and stay tuned for later in the evening when we’ll bring you the live blog of the entire show, from the first award to the last star-studded performance. Welcome to music’s biggest night!

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7:58 And with that, we are wrapped up. Who looked great and who didn’t? Leave your thoughts in the comments and enjoy the show!

7:52 Rihanna has just arrived and very quickly we caught a glimpse of her high-cut white gown. It appeared to have feathers!

7:50 Ne-Yo still dressed like a gentleman: Black suit with silver lapel, fedora and a white tie.

7:47 Ryan Seacrest just told us that Britney Spears is there! But what is she wearing? It’s apparently top-secret. Ms. Spears, why are you such a tease with your backdoor entrances?

7:44 Ciara looks kind of like a rock and roll Elvira in her Givenchy jumpsuit. There’s a lot going on there.

7:40 Ke$ha is looking anything but Ke$ha-like. She’s looking fresh and hip in her sparkly flapper dress and big dangly earrings. Also, she’s wearing feathers in her hair. Deal with it.

7:38 For some reason, Slash is wearing a fedora and not a top hat. Way to disappoint!

7:33 Beyoncé rolls up in a nude-colored zip-front gown with bizarre and interesting geometric pattern detailing. It’s tight and works for her. She is wearing no sparkles — this is history making!

7:31 More country royalty — Taylor Swift has arrived! She is wearing a dark steel blue, skin tight sparkly gown with off-the-shoulder detailing. She’s kept it young with big geometric diamond earrings and bangles.

7:29 Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have arrived. Keith looks sassy in his tight, gray suit and Nicole looks incredibly Hollywood chic in her satiny black halter dress. I think she said it was Prada.

7:28 Miley Cyrus is looking like an older teen. Her peacock-green dress has peek-a-boo lacey detailing and is pretty short, but she isn’t showing too much skin thanks to the sleeves. She had lots of necklaces on and she’s looking sort of glam.

7:27 Wyclef Jean hits the carpet in a pinstripe suit. The fit works for him and although they are slightly weird with it, we’ll let the white shoes pass. Jamie Foxx is rocking it in his all-black suit and sunglasses. He brought his family, which is kind of sweet.

7:25 Carrie Underwood’s silvery white gown has some strange strappy detailing on her shoulders, and the dress doesn’t fit her as well as it should.

7:24 Mary J. Blige in a skin-tight fuchsia gown hit the carpet with David Foster and Andrea Bocelli. They plan to support Haiti with their performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” tonight.

7:21 Pink … in silver! Her chic strapless gown really dazzled with its blackish fade fishtail gown. It’s slightly unusual, but completely feminine. Her dangly diamond earrings are wowza as well. She promises to be wet for her performance.

7:18 Ms. Jennifer Hudson, who will also be apart of the tribute to MJ, has arrived. Her very fitted dress is showing off some major cleavage. She looks very chic. She is both retro and futuristic. Glam!

7:15 Maxwell doing his own thang in a perfectly tailored chocolate brown suit. Plus, he’s killing it with the Wayfarers!

7:13 Kara DioGuardi is there with Iyaz and Jason Derulo. She’s got on a little red dress. It’s very retro (thanks to a belt) and totally works on her.

7:11 Keri Hilson is kind of killing it in her nude colored gown with silver detailing around the waist. And then pow! Fishtail hemline. Very chic! Thank you Dolce and Gabana!

7:09 Travis Barker is on hand and he’s with his son. How cute! They are both wearing T-shirts without sleeves. Like father, like son.

7:02 The Black Eyed Peas are here. Taboo is rocking a silver space-age suit. Will.I.Am looks like he’s ready for a Grammy battle in his camo suit. Apl looks normal in his black suit, and then Fergie brings the glam in her little royal blue dress with silvery detailing. Josh Duhamel has been dragged onto the stage with them. He’s paired his gray suit with a burgundy tie.

6:59 Usher, who will hit the stage for the Michael Jackson tribute, is wearing a khaki-colored suit with polka-dot tie and gingham shirt. A busy combination, but the patterns all work.

6:58 T-Pain is there. Coolio called and he wants his hair back. He too is wearing a leather jacket, but he added a Paul Wall grill (which Seacrest recognized).

6:54 Katy Perry has arrived with Russell Brand. She looks very demure in her Zac Posen sleeved gown in gold. The gown is unique, with flowery gold decals. One of her earrings is dangly, the other isn’t. She says she was inspired by India. Brand is showing more cleavage, FYI. He’s also wearing gray.

6:53 John Legend, like always, looks like a gentleman in his gray suit. Though he threw us off with his net sweater underneath his jacket. This is a situation. Yes, that kind of situation.

6:52 Imogen Heap tried to be wacky in her black dress and umbrella, but even her feathery neck disc was no competition to Gaga. She wore a planet for goodness sake!

6:51 More comedy nominees! Stephen Colbert is the guy when you think of Grammy Awards. He’s got his standard issue on, but apparently it will turn into wings! Jokes!

6:48 LL Cool J just gave Bieber a high five. He’s wearing almost the same outfit, except with a jacket and fedora.

6:46 Justin Bieber in a tie, vest and suit pants. It works for him. He makes Ryan Seacrest look like a giant. Ryan said it, not us. It should be noted that Bieber brought his mom as his date.

6:41 Paramore just hit the carpet. The guys look great in blazers and jeans and Hayley looks so glam in her black dress with silver sparkles — like a punk rock Audrey Hepburn.

6:38 Lady Gaga is wearing a dress that looks like a planet, and she’s carrying some sort of pointy chandelier. Her hair is yellow. The dress is silver. She is amazing. Who else but Gaga?

6:36 Melody Thornton from PCD is on the carpet in a Vegas showgirls gold gown. Splashy!

6:33 MGMT is wearing many fabrics and many patterns. They’re all hipster-y, and it’s kind of fun. Props to the blue plaid blazer.

6:30 OMG! Ricky Martin and he is livin’ la vida loca. (That may or may not be true.) But he is wearing a leather jacket and tie. Leather jackets are perfect for the Grammys. Relaxed, chic and edgy.

6:25 Adam Lambert sighting! He’s in a black, sparkly blazer, a little tie and lots of eye makeup! He looks so Adam Lambert. It’s kind of perfect.

6:23 Kathy Griffin in a sparkly gold dress. Why is she there? Oh, she’s nominated in some sort of comedy category. She keeps telling people to “suck it,” which is uncomfortable.

6:15 THE ZAC BROWN BAND! They look so countrylicious with their beards. And it seems like a gray-suited, no-tie wearing Common is now the band’s newest bestie. 16 minutes into the carpet and it’s weird. (P.S.: Common thinks Kanye West is misunderstood. And, he doesn’t have boundaries.)

6:14 Larry Platt (you know, the “Pants on the Ground” dude) looking like Flavor Flav performing his signature tune.

6:05 Lea Michele from “Glee” is wearing a perfect one-shoulder LBD. Her skirt looks like it was made from many tulle parrots. So beautiful!

6:03 Andy Samberg and Akiva from the Lonely Island look incredibly dashing in their suits and glasses. Props to Akiva for wearing glasses and sunglasses! Fashion and function! Perfect!