Rolling VIP At The Grammys With Snooki

Traveling with Snooki from “Jersey Shore” is always an adventure, but hopping in the car on Sunday morning on the way to her first red carpet hosting gig at the Grammy Awards was an epic trip.

After a last minute hair emergency that required a frantic run to a CVS for a curling iron and some fake eyelashes, Snooki hopped in the MTV limo (a Hyundi Elantra) with Sway and promptly offered him a Snickers bar a fan had pressed into her hand.

After he demurred, she begged for some house music and started bouncing in the backseat as she and Sway snapped a photo on her bejeweled phone for her twitter page. She then offered Sway some shimmery bronzer, which he politely passed on. “But it’ll make your skin sparkle!” she said.

But Sway did offer some career advice. “Just enjoy yourself,” he told her as she begged him to crank up Pitbull’s “Calle Ocho” and spritzed herself with some citrus-y perfume. Then she pulled out a six inch piece of wood that had “Snooki” carved into it that a fan whittled for her. “It’s supposed to be a pickle!” she explained.

The best part? When she flipped it over, it revealed a single carved “n.” Huh? “They were gonna write Nicole, I guess. But then they didn’t.” When Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” came on the radio, Snooks wiggled in her seat, getting psyched about possibly meeting Usher, and hopefully, she said, making out with him. “He’s single, right?” she asked. Oh, and in addition to signing her new deal for season two of “Jersey Shore,” she mentioned that she just signed set up a meeting about a potential recording contract with a major label next week. “I’m going in the studio next week! I can’t sing, I’ll just talk sexy. I can make my own beats though.” She typed her info into Sway’s phone so they can hang out sometime, when she promised to introduce him to some real guidos.

“That would be nice,” he said. “I’d like that. Where would we go?”

“My bedroom,” she answered instantly. He gasped and they exited the car on their way to the carpet.

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