‘American Idol,’ ‘Hallelujah’ And The iPad: This Week’s Deep Cuts

The week is over, but MTV News won’t be gone for long. Be sure to tune in to MTV News this Sunday, January 31 for wall-to-wall coverage of the Grammy Awards (be sure to check the Newsroom Blog for live blog action of both the red carpet and the show itself). Before you prepare to cheer on your favorite picks for Album of the Year, check out any of the excellent posts that were tossed around the MTV Newsroom this week.

» The audition saga continued on “American Idol” this week, with Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne judging people in Los Angeles and Neil Patrick Harris and Joe Jonas wading through the talent in Dallas. Only one more week of auditions to go before things get super-serious, and there are already storylines developing and characters emerging, which should make for an extremely entertaining Hollywood Week.

» Speaking of Harris, we think that he should be offered Simon’s chair once the angry Brit abdicates at the end of this season.

» In addition to her appearance on “Idol,” Katy Perry managed to stir up a lot of attention on Twitter thanks to a feud with Dr. Luke about her bathing suit area.

» The iPad made its debut this week, and for Apple’s sake, we hope it works out better than Virtual Boy or HD-DVD.

» Inspired by Lady Gaga’s “Monster Claw,” we took a look at some of the other musical gang signs used by the likes of Weezer, Jay-Z and Cobra Starship.

» “Avatar” broke the all-time box office record this week. You know what headline you’ll never read? One about an album outselling Thriller.

» Wrestler Chris Jericho may have grabbed headlines for getting arrested in Kentucky this week, but he also released a new, excellent album with his band Fozzy.

» Justin Bieber’s “Baby” kept climbing up the charts, with a little help from Ludacris and a big boost from Chuck Norris.

» It’s only been a week, but everyone here already misses Conan O’Brien.

» Don’t know what to get your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day? Consider Paramore’s special-edition Valentine’s Day cards.

» Speaking of cards, Taylor Swift would like to wish you a happy birthday.

» Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris are selling thousands of downloads of their cover of “Hallelujah,” but people remain profoundly attached to the Leonard Cohen original.

» David Archuleta sang a little song for Haiti, which drove his legion of superfans to raise money with virtual cupcakes. The whole awesome story is here.

» Finally, don’t miss the Grammy predictions as delivered by our panel of MTV Newsroom experts. We’re rooting for you for Best Bluegrass Album, Bryan Sutton and Friends.

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